Monday, September 29, 2008

new! sew scrappy!

we started the cutting and sorting for the soda scrap bags today and we're pretty jazzed up about it. we've been talking about it for weeks; offering an assortment of amy's beautiful belgian linens in scrap bags for creative sewing projects, small and smaller.

it started when i took a few tiny scraps home with me and made this comfy watchband. it's amazing what you can make with just scraps. and we like to eliminate waste wherever we can, so all the scraps from previous projects (like amy's gorgeous throw pillows) have been stashed in bags and boxes all around the storage room. we were really excited about the idea of repurposing them, but there is so much more than the two of us can use!

the bags of fabric scraps will come in three sizes:

scrappy bags (six 10x10 inch squares = about 1/4 yard) - $24

odds and ends (assorted odd shaped pieces = about 1/4 yard) - $18

bitty bits (small strips and little pieces) - $12

in the etsy shop soon!

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