Wednesday, October 29, 2008

new appliqued pillows

we've had so many requests for amy's one of a kind appliqued pillows that we decided to whip up a new batch today.  this has been on our list for a while and i think you know how good it feels to work on a project that's been on your mind for weeks and weeks.  so good.

we will be making more soon to take to the upcoming fairs and events we are preparing for, including a bucktown holiday fest, a trunk show at homeboy in chicago and the launch of our new website with shopping cart features!  amy's been busy working in the clay studio making a collection of beautiful limited edition porcelain gift tags, nesting trays, bowls, wine cups, mugs and ornaments with festive winter illustrations for the fast-approaching holiday season.  i'll be posting more info and photos of all this and more in the near future...

but for now you may satisfy your shopping urges here.   we love it when you do!


amy and sandra

Sunday, October 12, 2008

SODA in the news!

amy's "ethel on her nest" cup was featured in today's sunday chicago tribune house and homes section.  you may already know that amy's porcelain cups are lead-free and dishwasher safe. and you may already be using yours to sip your favorite beverages.  but did you know they make great pencil cups for your desk and sweet vases for a handful of fresh flowers on your table?  i use some of mine to sort small scraps for projects and to hold paperclips, pushpins and paint brushes. they're not just pretty, they're amazingly versatile :)

find them at homeboy.  find amy's cloth and paper goods here.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

art walk ravenswood 2008

amy did a great job transforming the office and clay studio into a beautiful little shop for the weekend art walk. we were happy to meet so many new people and to visit with good friends who stopped by. everyone was thrilled to see all of the pretty one-of-a-kind pieces amy brought out for the show. her amazing doodads, those small treasures that can be used in a hundred different ways, are some of my favorite things. there were buttons, chopstick holders, beads, dangles, tiny dainty bowls, pendants, paperweights, bracelets and tabletop sculptures. amy's delicate porcelain jewelry delighted everyone and her paper goods, pillows, home accessories, charms and cups attracted lots of attention, although some of the younger attendees were a little disappointed to discover there was no soda pop at SODA.
amy and i chatted with customers in the office area and her studio-mate, ben ritchey showed his very handsome and tactile ceramic work in the clay studio. there were snacks and wine, music and lots of good company. we thank all of you who were able to stop by over the weekend.

now it's time to put the office back together and get to work!